Designed by Reynolds and Reyner

“Launching a new coffee brand in today‚Äôs competitive market is hugely challenging. You have to offer something truly unique, of the highest quality, along with great atmosphere.

You really have to stand out in a crowd.

London is a city deeply rooted in its traditions, history and architecture. Loyalties are formed in childhood and honoured for a lifetime. So our task for this Kiev-based coffee shop was not just to show the outstanding benefits of the product but to weave these assets into the larger culture and themes of London, combining the heritage of coffee drinks with the distinctive, one-of-a-kind pleasures of London house coffees.”


I found this design on Identity Designed blog.


I love seeing the process work of a design. To me, it gives needed context and allows me to appreciate a design even more. Seeing work like this is inspiring and gives me something to work towards. Again, this work is from Reynolds and Reyner.