I stumbled upon this website today, http://www.logothief.com/.  It is a website dedicated to calling out designers who clearly steal others ideas and use them as their own. I can understand looking for inspiration and doing some research before you start your own design, but some of these were basically copy and pasted. On the other hand, giving some people the benefit of the doubt- they could have come up with some of these ideas on their own and it was a coincidence- after all it can be really difficult to be original since it seems that everything has been done before. Who knows though. This can just be a reminder to make sure you’re using your own ideas and concepts, but it’s still okay to look at other work for inspiration and guidance.

CLEAR rip off:


Maybe a rip off:


I must say though, even the ones that I think are “maybes”- the author gives really well put arguments that prove they are in fact rip offs.